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Thursday, 8 December 2011

A Summer's Breeze.

Derek couldn't of been happier.

As soon as his family had left for the day and the house was empty he had set about getting Emilia ready. He had taken a shower washing his long hair and then using his mother's nair cream he had removed all his body hair. his legs were left silky smooth and shiny; perfect for the outfit he had planned.

He left the bathroom proceeded to his own room where he removed his shoebox full of Emilia's things. Derek had only recently letting Emilia be a regular part of his life and she still kept as a complete secret. However today was to be different, knowing his family would be out for the day, he was determined to go outside (for the first time) dressed as Emilia.

The idea gave him goosebumps and made his heart beat faster with excitement. Derek shook his head and continued to get ready, slipping himself into strapless summer dress and a pair of silver heels. He finished off with a light amount of make up and letting his hair loose. 

After checking himself in the mirror and being delighted with Emilia's appearance, it was time for her to make her d├ębut in the back garden.  Derek paced elegantly to the back door and took a step outside. He walked slowly across the loose stones and sat on the low wall. A cool summer breeze swept across his bare legs. The alien occurrence startled him and he slid his hands over his legs.

"The breeze feels amazing," he decided with a broad smile. 

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