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Sunday, 11 December 2011

An Unexpected Reaction.

Bobby was delighted with the girls efforts.

Courtney said goodbye to the last of her friends and then got ready to apologise to her brother. Last night she had had a group of friends at the house for a sleepover. There was joking and gossiping and all round good fun among the guests. As the night grew on the girls became giddier and giddier. It was late in the night when Laura, one of Courtney's friends had suggested that they dress her twin brother as a girl. The idea inspired a fresh wave of giggles from the group and they all eagerly agreed. 

Quietly they had taken all they would need to make Bobby pretty and tip toed soundlessly across the hall and into his room. Bobby was in a deep sleep; the girls stifled giggles as they dressed him from the wig on his head to the nail polish on his toes. Once they finished there task the girls couldn't contain themselves any further, they broke out laughing, tears rolling down there cheeks. At this Bobby jolted awake.

"Hey! What are you-"Bobby began to say until, catching sight of himself and losing his words. His face dropped and turned a deep red. "Get out now!"he roared. At this the giggling group of girls fled back to Courtney's room.

"Did you see how cute he looked?!"said Laura.

"That was so much fun!"exclaimed Stacy.

Courtney chatted about the event with the girls but deep down she felt guilty for humiliating her brother. The feeling only got worse and by the time all of her friends were leaving the next day, she had decided she would do anything to make it up to him.

She walked upstairs and knocked on her brothers door and waited. No response. Gently she pulled down the handle and opened the door, "Bobby, I'm really sorry."she said apologetically. She would of said more but when she saw her brother, all words were lost.

Bobby sat on the windowsill, dressed in the black dress and cute heart tights, exactly as the girls had left him. There was a nervous grin on his face as he turned to his sister. ""Sorry I shouted at your friends last night." he said blushing.

Courtney was shocked and delighted at her brother's unexpected reaction. "Maybe inviting him to Laura's sleepover next week will make it up to him" she thought.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

A Summer's Breeze.

Derek couldn't of been happier.

As soon as his family had left for the day and the house was empty he had set about getting Emilia ready. He had taken a shower washing his long hair and then using his mother's nair cream he had removed all his body hair. his legs were left silky smooth and shiny; perfect for the outfit he had planned.

He left the bathroom proceeded to his own room where he removed his shoebox full of Emilia's things. Derek had only recently letting Emilia be a regular part of his life and she still kept as a complete secret. However today was to be different, knowing his family would be out for the day, he was determined to go outside (for the first time) dressed as Emilia.

The idea gave him goosebumps and made his heart beat faster with excitement. Derek shook his head and continued to get ready, slipping himself into strapless summer dress and a pair of silver heels. He finished off with a light amount of make up and letting his hair loose. 

After checking himself in the mirror and being delighted with Emilia's appearance, it was time for her to make her d├ębut in the back garden.  Derek paced elegantly to the back door and took a step outside. He walked slowly across the loose stones and sat on the low wall. A cool summer breeze swept across his bare legs. The alien occurrence startled him and he slid his hands over his legs.

"The breeze feels amazing," he decided with a broad smile. 

Suprise Sleepover

"Come on, you'll have a blast!" beamed Natalie. David was outraged at his girlfriend.

Earlier that day she had convinced him to let her paint his nails. "I don't think so." had been David's initial response. However Natalie had been quite persistent, insisting that she would remove it later and it was all in good fun.

After she had painted both his finger and toenails a bright red, she then began her second request. "Dave, sweetie, can we please shave your legs?" she said with a kinky grin, and then added, "Imagine how great it'll feel when they are all smooth!". David had to admit he was intrigued by the potential feeling. "Okay but just for fun."

David ran a hand over his smooth legs and shuddered with joy. "So smooth!" he thought as he walked out of the bathroom and into Natalie's bedroom. As he stood there naked Natalie handed him a nightie. He took it and asked "What's this for?". Natalie giggled and replied "Foer the sleep over of course. the girls will be here any minute."

David was both confused and angry. "I'm not putting this on! Where are my clothes?". He began Looking wildly around the room but without success. "You won't find them, if I were you I'd get ready and maybe we can do something about you're hair when everyone arrives. This is going to be so much fun!!!"

David stood there dumbfounded as Natalie helped him get dressed just in time for there guests.